Orange-fronted Parakeets, photo by Michael Retter

Interested in visiting the Neotropics, but a bit intimidated by all those new birds?  Mexico offers birders familiar with North American avifauna the unique opportunity to “wade” into the Neotropics.  In Mexico, you can familiarize yourself with many new families (antbirds, furnariids, toucans, and woodcreepers just to name a few), but since they reach the northern limits of their ranges in Mexico, the variety is not overwhelming.  Perhaps the most exciting thing about Mexico, however, is that of the almost 1100 species recorded in the country, over 10% (about 125 species) are endemic to the country, with another 70 or so found only in Mexico and northern Central America.  Odds are that one out of every ten species you will see on our Mexico tours can be seen nowhere else on Earth!  Listed below are the tours we currently offer to Mexico.

Oaxaca:  Birding Ancient and Modern Mexican Capitals

Northeast Mexico:  From Thornscrub to Cloudforest, an Introduction to Mexico

San Blas and Northwest Mexico:  Tufted, Purplish-backed, Black-throated Magpie-, and San Blas Jays

Colima and Jalisco:  Volcanoes, Canyons, and the Pacific

Yucatán and Northern Chiapas:  Birding the Mayan Empire

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